One smart sensor three sustainable solutions, Promoting longevity for everyone.

Addressing current health concerns.

Preventing future problems.

We incorporate our innovative technology into sustainable products that not only address the now, but the later. Sophisticated algorithms and personalized data feed into our smart mobile app so you have peace of mind right in your pocket.

Monitoring concussions in youth sports and providing peace of mind for concerned parents.

Monitoring fall risk in elderly individuals and creating confidence to live life to the fullest.

Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in military personnel and lowering risk of long-term complications.

Hiji® App

The hub where you keep track of unique profiles and use the easy-alert system to detect impacts in real-time.

Hi, we’re Movement Interactive.

We exist to provide real-time data for masked events so that families around the world are able to respond efficiently while making decisions on the well being of their loved ones.

Our Mission is to build products that not only address health concerns and improve lives, but also build awareness to silenced events; sometimes life-altering trauma that impact the lives of our families.

We are founded on research, science, systems engineering expertise, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a inherent responsibility to help people achieve their full potential no matter the roadblocks.

Health and wellness matter—we’re here to help you keep an eye on it.